Battling Gambling Addiction : And Gaming Adverts?

In the past year, I have never seen so many gaming adverts in my life. Gaming adverts are now a dime several. All of these adverts show happy people gaming at a slotxo attractive casino.. smiling.. and winning money. It is very confusing, because people winning in casinos are exclusions, and certainly not the rule.

Of course a casino commercial is not going to show a bunch of despondent, angry, depressed people who are losing their hard-earned money. People only get to see that when they are actually in a casino, playing their favorite video slot, or sitting at a blackjack table. All you have to do is look around and see many people losing, sad, tranced-out, and perchance suffering from a gaming addiction.

The problem with gaming nowadays, is that there is so much promotion for the activity, wherever you go. The proportion of advertising for help if you have problem gaming is quite disproportionate to the advertising for promotion of the activity.

It is a sad state of affairs when you see a casino going up in every city and advertised consistently on your television set.

I believe which our society is just seeing the effects of this gaming innovation which is slowly growing like a cancer around the globe.

If gaming are not this kind of obsessive, expensive, property hobby, I would have no problem with all of this promotion.

I just now believe that the whole industry is getting too close to quite a few backyards… besides our television set. This cannot be good for buffs and non-addicts alike.

Things were definitely better when one had to fly to Las vegas for some gaming action. It seems that long ago. I also knew not so people who were in trouble with gaming…. well.

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