Best Mediterranean Food Near Me

If you’re looking for the best Mediterranean food near me, then look no further than two locations in Philadelphia. The first is the Greek restaurant on South Street that serves both traditional Greek fare and an extensive menu of Mediterranean specialties. Unpretentious, simple eatery serving up a variety of Mediterranean dishes including gourmet sandwiches & fresh salads. This place is great for people who are just trying to learn about Mediterranean cuisine.

Next up is a much larger Greek restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue that is one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in the city. While it does have a large menu that serves up everything from pasta to pizza, it also has a number of different open air restaurants and bistros where you can get some authentic Greek food. It also has a number of indoor dining areas, and a craft area for children. While the restaurant isn’t open year round, weekdays during the summer months are a great time to check out the best Mediterranean food near me.

If you really want to eat right on the Pennsylvania Avenue corridor, then head over to Mazzarella. While most of their recipes come from Italy, they also have some Greek influences, and even an American section. You can get their pizzas and marinara sauce in their tomato soup, and some of their burgers are absolutely delicious. While there are only four restaurants in the entire city of Philadelphia, these two are both reliable providers of Mediterranean food near me. If you love Mediterranean food and really want to experience the best, these two locations in the heart of Center City are where you need to be.

Of course, no discussion of the best Mediterranean food near me would be complete without mentioning Phoenes’ restaurant. Phoenes is located right next to City Hall, and while it doesn’t have anything to do with Greece, it sure feels like it. It has an absolutely fantastic Greek influence, with heavy doses of olive oil and spices. If you love Greek food, and you don’t care about authenticity, then this is your kind of restaurant.

And if you really want to taste something like Greek food, then you need to try the legendary Halghali restaurant down by Penn Square. This restaurant serves an absolutely massive menu of Greek dishes, including everything from meat to fish to vegetarian mediterranean food delivery fare. Everything is fresh, and the best thing about this restaurant is that it’s opened up three times a day for lunch, dinner, and breakfast. If you love Greek food, and you hate waiting in line, then this is the best Greek restaurant in Philadelphia.

Another popular option for those looking for authentic Greece food is the Adriatica Restaurant. This restaurant serves a variety of Mediterranean fare, and while it may not have the atmosphere of a traditional Greek restaurant, it definitely has the attitude. The decor is Mediterranean, and the menu is impressive. If you’re looking for a restaurant that’s just like the ones you’ve had back home, but this one has a little more personality, then Adriatica may be a great place for you to visit. You’ll be able to try some gourmet olive oil and olive barbeque, as well as sampling some of the best Greek cocktails and Greek side dishes.

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