Check Google Ranking With New Keyword Position Tool and Google Ranking Checker

So you are interested in the best Google ranking tool with which can determine your website rank on Google, This article will help you find the best tool. Finding the right tool is one of the most important tasks to check the website Google rank or position. This gives you an idea rank checker api of how all your efforts of SEO, link building etc. are giving results. Selecting the tool should be based on various factors and the tool should take in to account many recent changes which were done on Google in last 1 12 months. Read ahead to find out what are these changes and how to find the best Google ranking tool. In the end, you can try the resource box below to find an awesome tool which takes into account all the recent changes (described below) on Google.

Now what are these recent changes on Google and how it will affect your website ranking? It is needless to say that if your website is not ranking well on Google it will be like a abandoned island with no traffic (unless you have loads of money for PPC). Now to understand in simple terms Google ranks a website based on more than 200 factors, out of this the most simple and yet most important factor is keywords (everyone knows that right? ) but you must understand there is more to it. When you search for any keyword say “buy flowers” on Google it gives you a couple of result, but what people don’t know is that the set of result for the same keyword will change for someone else who is sitting on another PC. Now the question is why so? the answer is simply in front of you, have you noticed that Google has changed its homepage quite a bit in last one year, now Google gives you substitute for customize your search (on the left side of Google home page) based on schedule (results from last one year, four weeks etc) and on your country (custom location). By setting your preference You can also search the same keyword on blogs, community forums etc. basically is it trying to give personalized results and so search results for 2 each person for same keywords are very different. For example people are emotionally attached with their website and therefore you tend search your website more on Google to how it is showing up, so Google would rank your website better on your personal computer but not on your buddy’s PC.

Secondly, Google gives importance to the location from where you are supposedly searching. Therefore the Google search results of a keyword in U. S. A. will not be similar to results of the same keyword in U. T. Now this is vital for any online business to know where your website rank in a variety of counties as traffic form any country is potential revenue. If you know your website is ranking well in country X buy not in country Ful then you can channelize you efforts to improve your ranking in country Ful only, this can be done in many ways like by adding keywords popular in that country to your website content. Basically the right tool can keep your time and give you the right direction to channelize your time and effort and improve website rank.

You know that for certain keywords your website shows up on Google, but you may be also interested in monitoring those keywords that you can are attempting to rank in top results. Now when you selected certain keywords and you are attempting to maximize your website so that it shows up on the first page of Google, you don’t reach there in 1 day and it takes time and before coming to the first page your website will come to the 30th page(rank 300 assuming default 10 results per page) then may be to the 20th page(rank 200) and slowly depending on how it is optimized it can come to the first page, Now it will be a huge task to go till 30th page and check if Google has found it. Here the Google ranking tool comes in it can find if your website is appearing in 30-40 pages in matter of millisecond.

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