Choosing the Perfect Flowers for Your Special Occasion

person holding pink flowers

Nothing says love like a wonderful, unexpected flower delivery service, and florists have the talent and resources to make that a reality for you this Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the perfect gift for just about any special occasion, including anniversaries, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and even on your wedding day. There are so many choices for flower delivery on V-day, that bo hoa it can be hard to choose just one. Fortunately, there are some reliable services that will not only show you what is available to you, but also what your options are in terms of size, types, and bouquets. So if you are looking for a beautiful selection of flowers to bring home to your significant other, here are a few options to consider:

First, no one can resist fresh-cut, dreamy fresh-tops for Valentine’s Day. While they work well for many events, spring through late summer is when they are at their most beautiful and fragrant. Consider a dozen roses in a huge vase or a dozen Calla lilies in a tiny pot filled with stems. Many florists also carry exotic blooms like orchids and Hawaiian Islands flowers, as well as more standard, exotic flower delivery services like pink peonies and freesias. Combine these with your favorite cut flowers and you will have the perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet.

For something a little more unique, many local florists also offer a ‘bundle’ or ‘set’ arrangement for you to choose from. The standard bouquet should include a mix of sizes; a good rule of thumb is a third of a cup size for a single flower, and half a cup size for multi-colored flowers. This means that if you want fourteen roses for your Valentine’s Day bouquet, you should order three full-size roses and one miniature. However, most local florists will be happy to work with you on an arrangement size that fits your needs perfectly.

Flower deliveries on the same-day are also available from most local florists. Same-day delivery services provide a variety of bouquet choices, including fresh bouquets, arrangements, and bouquets cut in your chosen styles. Many florists that offer same-day flower delivery will deliver your flowers directly to your recipient’s door; if you do not have a gift wrap company, this would be your best option for delivering your beautiful bouquets on the same day. Many local florists also have ‘do-it-yourself’ bouquets that you can customize with ribbons, bows, and other adornments if you feel like a personal bouquet would make your gift even more special.

If you would rather send your roses through a different method, you can purchase your own same-day flower delivery service. If you would rather send your roses by regular mail, you can purchase a ‘rigerator-style’ box that is filled with fresh arrangements, including roses. The box itself has a handle so that you can easily lift it and take the bouquet to your recipient’s door.

No matter what type of arrangement you choose, remember that freshness is key. You want to choose flowers that are fresh when you need them most! Florist services are available at all hours, but the most popular times are usually lunchtime and dinner hours. If you cannot wait until those times, call or email your favorite flower delivery company to see if they offer same-day or next-day delivery of your special occasion flowers.

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