Graphics and Design

Graphics and Design are two disciplines that are often confused or thought to be one. However, they are not. Graphics and Design are different art The Advertorial disciplines and have nothing to do with each other. Read on to learn more about the differences between graphics and design.
Graphic design is the creative process of visually communicating using typography, imagery, iconography and collage. The discipline is often thought of as a subcategory of art direction and visual communications, but in most cases the phrase “graphic design” isn’t used synonymously with it. Visual designers are responsible for the aesthetics and aesthetic elements of a project, whereas graphic artists to provide the tools to allow a visual artist to communicate his or her idea in a meaningful way. There are many similarities between this profession and the field of art direction, though. Both need to analyze and evaluate expressive ideas and represent data in a meaningful way.
Like all creative professions, the field of graphics and design has a wide range of career possibilities. Many people choose a career as a graphic designer because they enjoy using their talents in a creative environment. With an advanced degree program, you can pursue a career as an artist or use your skills to enhance advertising or web design. Most designers also have the option to go on to become a film director, a writer or a graphic artist. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
Artistic designers typically focus on capturing the world around them in a meaningful way. Their designs are influenced by many things such as architecture, nature, human psychology and color. For example, these designers may work on complex advertisements or posters that bring about awareness to the consumer about a product or service. They may work for large corporations or advertising agencies. In addition, they may work at a museum or gallery to create meaningful pieces of art.
Most designers often receive formal training and education before beginning the job. These programs may be at a college, university or technical college. Students will learn technical aspects of the graphic design process as well as more advanced skills. The advanced skills include working with types of equipment, such as computers and printers. The advancement typically comes from receiving certification from one of a number of specialized organizations, such as the American Council for Design Education (ACE), the Accreditation Council for Graduate Schools (ACGS), the American Academy of Art (AAAS) or the Association for Design, Graphic or Web Content (AD WC).
Those individuals who wish to pursue careers as graphics and design professionals need to have an artistic ability as well. The ability to express themselves artistically is one of the primary requirements. Many individuals have an artistic ability that can be used to express themselves digitally. These individuals use special graphic designing software to create digital art. They are able to create images that other people can enjoy.
Specialty schools and colleges often offer internship programs in which students complete assignments and submit them to professional galleries. In these programs, students become acquainted with art directors from all over the world. The knowledge gained by working with world-class artists allows graphic designers to understand the needs of different clients and create designs that meet the needs of those clients. Internships in the field lead to valuable experience and a jumpstart to full-time careers.
One important element of working in this industry is having a pleasant and safe work environment. Some of the elements that should be part of a safe and pleasant work environment include: proper lighting, organized paperwork, privacy, proper scheduling and cleanliness. Public relations and marketing are also very important components of a productive working environment. Public relations allow the company to portray a positive image to customers and clients. Public relations firms usually hire graphics designers and artists who are experts in creating quality public relations campaigns.

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