How to Blog : Follow Your Passion and watch the PayPal Balance Soar

Not Exactly! Another way to say this is “Do What you Love And the Money Will Follow”. I’m undecided where this “advice” got their start in, but I’ve been Saldo de PayPal hearing it since i could remember.

On the surface it sounds like sage advice. But there is a fatal flaw with this advice, and it is this… Do What you Love And You could find Yourself On the rocks! How could I say that? So many people tout the ‘follow your passion and the money will follow’ it must be true. After all there are shows, newspaper articles, books, movies showing people following their passion to millions.

Yes, there are plenty of examples of people following their passion to millions, but one important element is left out

This one element ‘s you are going to make money or go broke with your ‘passion’. And unfortunately many want to gloss over this important element. It’s popular for authors, speakers and ” teachers ” to soy wax philosophic about this subject. They want to talk about how awesome it is to find your passion, embrace it and be depleted there sell it to the world. It’s warm and unclear, which is makes it a popular topic.

But the cold hard reality is this If your ‘passion’ is not a something people are willing to pay for, then you just have a hobby… not a business. You have to have a passion that people are willing to give you money for something you have to offer.

Think about this… how many times have you stumble upon someone with a “great” idea for a business? They are passionate about this idea. They thirstily tell anyone who will listen about this ‘great’ million-dollar idea. And they do not delay – on about this business.

Why are they only one in the room who doesn’t recognize that this idea is a dog? And if you try to point out any flaws in their idea… they get incredulous. All you could did was try to point out that there’s no market for this idea… but they accuse you of being a dream stealer.

Here’s a silly example I enjoy scam about a new service that I want to start

It’s for many who are high achievers, and just too busy to do this activity for themselves. I would take this problem off their hands, and give them one less thing to worry about doing everyday. In a way they would be outsourcing techniques this to me, and I would enjoyably do this for them everyday. My service is a quick sleep taking service.

After all I love to take naps… I take them every chance I get. And I would be thrilled to take naps for other people. The only problem so far is I can’t find anyone willing to pay for this service.

It’s great to follow your passion, and build a business around it. You have to do pursuit, and make sure there is a market ready pay money for methods of their problems. Make sure first find a market… then find out their problems… Then make a products or services that solves the problem… And make sure they are willing to give you money to end this problem.

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