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In my last article, “Gambling Systems” I talked about gaming systems that involved the actual physical areas of the games such as the white ball in roulette slotxo and the cube in craps. Now I will deal with gambling on systems that can actually be applied in any of the games, except poker.

With the advent of on-line casinos, a whole new world opened up that allowed anyone, anywhere, to gamble. With this phenomena also came a flood of on-line gaming systems. One of these is the very popular, “System Black Box” that capitalizes on the fact that some on-line casinos will offer free gaming “chips” to anyone that signs up with their casino for play. “System Black Box” is designed strictly for on-line casino play. While there are live casinos that have similar offers for free play, it is most often a “match-play” situation in which you must use some of your personal money along with the free-play token. In other words the token is worth $1 if you also play a real dollar with it. Should you win that first bet, you then immediately bet the $2 that you just won, putting the newly acquired house money in play and taking back your $1 original bet. (The $1 token is taken, win or lose. It is only good for one play. ) If you are considering gaming on-line with any of the games offered, I would encourage you to look into “System Black Box” as an tool.

Another very popular gambling on system is “Betting For Profit” and is also available on-line. The difference is that “Betting For Profit” can work with both on-line play and live play. This feature is a bit more in depth and involves rising bet according to the last play you made. It is a very good system and also includes what mcdougal calls his “Seven Cardinal Rules Of Gaming. inches In “Betting For Profit” you learn how to treat gaming as a business, not only a recreational activity. It is a very realistic approach and can work if you follow the guidelines that are set forth in the method, which is what “Betting For Profit” is actually called. Both “System Black Box” and “Betting For Profit” are what I would call methods as opposed to systems as they both do not deal with the physical areas of the games and concentrate on gambling on strategies. I’ve noted, through my extensive experience that gambling on methods and strategies are really the only valid ways of creating a winning trend in casino gaming. I compare this type of method with playing the wall street game, which is of course, just yet another kind of gaming. With the wall street game, when someone can double their money, it is a significant gain. With casino gaming, if you want to be successful, you must enter in to it kind of mindset. In “Betting For Profit” mcdougal tells of ways to learn to treat gaming as a business and not as entertainment. This is how a professional gambler approaches gaming. To me, it is akin to guerrilla competition and in fact must be followed if you are fascinated by winning. A professional gambler sees gaming as “going to work” instead of entertainment. To gamble professionally you must lose the kind of attitude that puts you at a casino game for fun. That is not to say that you cannot enjoy what one does. But you must remember that you are there to make money, not lose it while you are playing and entertaining yourself.

I short, I find that both “System Black Box” and even more so, “Betting For Profit” can actually work for the gambler. With “System Black Box” little leaguer need not know a great deal about the game he or she is playing but must at least know the reccommended rules of whatever game that might be. “Betting For Profit” thinks that the reader mindful at least the right basic strategy for the chosen game. So the conclusion is that a gambling on method or procedure can be a valid tool to allow a player to win at casino gaming while the “system” type of play simply does not work and just isn’t valid. Let me repeat here that whenever I was in the casino business, we used to laugh at system players and considered them no threat, while the smart, tough player that knew how to manage his or her money and surely could walk away a winner would more times than not, take a small bite every time that he or she played, and sometimes even a big bite! For more information you can refer back to my previous article, “Gambling Systems”.

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